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Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery



Research Interests

Barth A. Green, M.D.

Horizons 2013 
Over the recent years my research efforts have focused in taking The Miami Project’s cutting edge basic neuroscience work product from the bench to patients.  A good example of such translational research efforts is the use of modest hypothermia for neuroprotection in cases of acute spinal cord injury. 


I am also evaluating the same technology for neuroprotection in patients undergoing high risk spinal cord surgery for tumors, tethering, and vascular malformations. 


In recent months, I have been extraordinarily privileged to collaborate with The Miami Project Cellular Transplantation Team moving the successful Schwann cell laboratory model into clinical trials.  While working in a basic science laboratory at Indiana University, I first dreamed of reestablishing lost strength and sensation in the bodies of the paralyzed veterans whom I highly respected for their sacrifices on behalf of our nation’s democracy. 


Today in 2013, I witnessed what I believe to be The Miami Project’s “astronauts landing on the moon” in the Jackson Memorial Hospital operating room as my colleagues injected a clinical trial participant’s damaged spinal cord with cells harvested from his/her own peripheral nerve.  Along with hundreds of thousands of scientists, clinicians, and paralyzed persons around the world we sit on the edge of our chairs as we carefully monitor the clinical course and progress of the participants.  This event truly was a once in a lifetime experience.  The people who first coined the phrase “it takes a village” were so wise and perceptive. 


The Miami Project research team is truly made up of villagers who have joined hands, and in spite of their different backgrounds, training, education and skills, have created a force that is destined to change medical history.  How exciting it is for me to be part of this extraordinary energy!!






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