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Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery

Professor, Departments of Orthopedics, and Rehabilitation Medicine Chief of Neurospine Service, Jackson Memorial Hospital/Chief of Neurosurgery, University of Miami Hospital


Cellular Transplantation Strategies after Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerve Injury


Research Interests


My research interests have focused on developing cellular transplantation strategies to repair injuries within both the human central and peripheral nervous system. Schwann cells are the principal support cells with the peripheral nervous system and have the capacity to promote regeneration of central nervous system neurons as well as remyelinate central axons which have lost their insulation. I have focused much of my previous research efforts in furthering our understanding of the biology of human Schwann cells which have been isolated using cell culture techniques. The results of these studies have demonstrated that human Schwann cells have the capacity to form myelin after transplantation within immune deficient rodent models and that their numbers can be significantly increased with addition of growth factors.

My current research interests involve serving as (1) PI on intravascular hypothermia after human cervical spinal cord injury (2) co-PI on the FDA approved trial of “The Safety of Autologous Human Schwann Cells in Subjects with Sub-acute Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)” and (3) the clinical development and characterization of the use of autologous human Scwhann cells for peripheral nerve injuries with a lengthy gap to promote peripheral nerve regeneration. 





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