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Research institutions such as The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis have long needed private philanthropy from individuals, corporations, and foundations to provide stability and strength and to help them fulfill their missions because research is very expensive. Private giving strengthens The Miami Project and allows it to direct resources where they will have the greatest impact. Major gifts can greatly increase the broad scope of The Miami Project’s research goals and accomplishments, so it can best serve the millions who are paralyzed with spinal cord injury, or who have suffered traumatic brain injury, and other neurological injuries.


Recognition is given in many different forms:


   Naming of Research Projects and Laboratories

   Naming of the Human Clinical Trials Initiatives





Named, endowed professorships

A permanently funded faculty position requires an endowment of at least $2.5 million.


Program endowments

An endowed fund to sponsor research or a program within The Miami Project depends upon the costs associated with the program or research involved. Program endowments begin at $1.5 million.



Lois Pope
Christine Lynn
Mickey and Madelaine ArisonJames Ferraro


For more information, please contact Suzanne Sayfie, Executive Director, at 305-243-7146, or by email at or Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, Director of Major Gifts, Corporate Relations, Marketing, and Events, at 305-243-4656 or by email at


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