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Research Participation

An introduction to clinical trials, allows a search of registered clinical trials.

Lists active clinical trials, offers information about clinical trial participation.

Allows a search of multiple websites for clinical research opportunities.

Provides basic information helpful to a potential research volunteer who is making a decision whether to participate.


Experimental Treatments for Spinal Cord Injury: What You Should Know if you are considering participation in a clinical trial from the International Campaign for Cures of spinal cord injury Paralysis (ICCP). 

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Researchers rely on individuals with SCI to serve as volunteers for specific studies or protocols. Each study is designed to answer questions about some aspect of SCI or the effectiveness of a particular treatment. Our research studies do not provide therapy for individuals.


Many people with SCI wish to serve as research volunteers for Miami Project studies, but because of the specific nature of research protocols, not everyone is able to participate. A limited number of people meet the inclusion criteria and/or have the ability to make a commitment to a particular study. Through the commitment of relatively few volunteers, the knowledge gained from the studies and communicated to other centers ultimately benefits many people with SCI.


To be accepted in a research program, the potential volunteer must:

         •complete an Intake Form

         •fit the criteria for a specific study

         •be invited to participate by the investigator

         •be able to commit the time and resources for the duration of the study

Depending on the study, the time commitment varies from a few hours to more than one year.  Most Miami Project studies require the individual live within driving distance of the Miami area during the study procedures.

The Miami Project does not charge volunteers for participation in research studies or clinical trials.  However, we also do not pay for people to come to Miami to participate in studies.  Expenses and arrangements for accommodations, meals, and medical care are the volunteer's responsibility during the study.  For out of town participants, we have created an area hotel guide with discounted rates that are available.

Ready to be considered?

To be considered for current and future Miami Project research studies, you must complete an Intake Form.  Information from the Intake Form will be maintained securely in The Miami Project's database as a screening resource for Miami Project researchers.






 1. Complete Intake Form Online ( This link will take you to a secure registry site)
 2. Create a unique password for yourself.
 3. Login to the site and complete all of the questions.
 4. Be sure to click FINALIZE at the end of the questions. 
 5. Please only register 1 time . 

 ( To find out if you are already registered in our database, please email



*For Additional information regarding Research Participation  





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