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Locomotor Training and Summer Camp Experience for Children with Incomplete SCI


The Miami Project Neuromotor Rehabilitation Research Laboratory is pleased to announce a new program involving children with incomplete spinal cord injury.  Eight children who meet specific criteria will be selected for this year’s 10-week Locomotor Training Summer Camp Experience from June 2 through August 8, 2008.

The program has been designed by Miami Project Principal Investigator, Dr. Edelle Field-Fote, Ph.D., P.T., and Kathleen J. Manella, P.T., M.S., an experienced physical therapist who will coordinate the project and work with the participating children.  “We decided to set up the program during the summer to fit the scheduling needs of the children and their families,” says Ms. Manella.  “The program includes participation in a locomotor research study at The Miami Project and a summer camp experience for 6 to 14 year olds at Shake-A-Leg Miami.   Shake-A-Leg provides challenging and fun activities such as sailing and kayaking in an accessible, integrated environment.”  


The research program will enroll children, 4 to 15 years old, with incomplete spinal cord injury at T10 or above and who are able to be supported in a standing position.  Children accepted into the program will take part in a research study to evaluate body weight support gait training therapy.  Dr. Field-Fote’s laboratory hopes to learn whether the training can help prevent or reverse secondary health problems and positively influence general wellness and quality of life for children with SCI.  Presently, it is unknown whether children, because their nervous system is still developing, have more potential for recovery of walking function.  The children who take part in this study will help determine the therapy’s effects on muscle strength, gait, balance, mobility, cardio-pulmonary function and quality of life.


Besides spending part of their time at The Miami Project for the locomotor training study, children who are between the ages of 6 and 14 may join other children with and without disabilities at Shake-A-Leg Miami for a structured program of adaptive sailing, water sports activities, crafts and education. 


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