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Marc Buoniconti Participates in Marathon with Assist from Dean


Marc Buoniconti participated in the ING Miami Marathon and Half-Marathon® on January 31 with an assist from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Dean Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D.


Goldschmidt, who is also CEO of University of Miami Health System (U Health) ran the 13.1 mile half-marathon and was joined by Buoniconti just outside the Intercontinental Hotel and escorted him the final 100 yards of the race.  This symbolic participation for Buoniconti and Goldschmidt was intended to signify the continued efforts of the UHealth medical group in finding a cure for paralysis. 


"It was a true honor to be able to cross the finish line of the marathon with my good friend Dr. Goldschmidt,” Buoniconti said. “He stands side by side with us as we try to accomplish our goal of curing paralysis at The Miami Project.  The image of the two of us crossing that line together makes me think of the day when I, and the millions of others affected by spinal cord injuries, will be able to stand and walk across our finish line.”


The effort is designed to get paralyzed individuals like Marc Buoniconti running again.


“Every day of his life Marc shows tremendous courage, provides a role model for his colleagues and friends, and proves to all of us that anything is possible – including that one day he and thousands of others will be able to leave their wheelchairs and walk,” Goldschmidt said. “It is an honor and a pleasure to pass the finish line of this long-distance race side-by-side with Marc.”


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