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September 24, 2010 — Marc Buoniconti never sits in his dreams. He runs at top speed instead. Or he plays football. Or makes love.

"Sometimes I wake up and think, 'That was awesome, man, I was running all night,' " Buoniconti says. "It does not make up for reality, obviously; it's just a glimpse. You know how dreams are — sporadic, but still pretty neat to have."


Buoniconti, 43, says this from his mechanized wheelchair in the living room of his high-rise condo with its commanding views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. A smile plays across his still-boyish face at the thought of all that glorious, dreamy mobility.


Next month it will be 25 years since Buoniconti slumped to the turf as he made a tackle for The Citadel in an otherwise unremarkable college football game. He was rendered a quadriplegic at that ghastly moment, never again to move his arms or legs on his own.


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