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 The "best exercise prescription is one that 1) improves strength, anaerobic power, endurance, and flexibility; 2) achieves musculoskeletal balance, while sparing shoulder pain and upper extremity decline; 3) improves everday functioning; 4) addresses heart disease and diabetes risk factors; and 5) generates interest and continued participation.


Upper body strengthing:

Home strength training guide for Quadriplegics


Home strength training guide for Paraplegics

"This poor man's exercise system"

Strengthening and optinmal movements for painful shoulders


Lower body Activity:


RT300 FES bicycles

Nu-step recumbent stepper

EasyStand glider



Kaiser Permanente aerobic video

Arm cycles

NCPAD aerobics video



Mind Body Solutions

Lakshima Voelker Chair Yoga



Activity should be as intense and continuous as effort will allow, with only short breaks. This may rule out general gameplay as an effective exercise stimulus. Scoring systems, if available, provide motivation and distraction from intense effort. Currently, one of the best “workouts” is with Wii boxing.



Aussie exercise brochure

Craig Hospital exercise fact sheet

NRH exercise fact sheet


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