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Red-Light Camera Safety


If we don’t act, our streets can return to being a more dangerous place for our children, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and friends.  The state’s trauma centers and The Miami Project may lose a major source of funding if we do not make our legislators aware of the benefits of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act

We respectfully ask all our friends to e-mail your state representatives and senators to tell them that RED LIGHT CAMERAS save lives, prevent traumatic injuries and help fund our state’s trauma centers and cutting edge spinal cord and brain trauma research at The Miami Project.  Red Light cameras are behavior modifiers and are effective so please take a few minutes to e-mail.

The Florida Legislature will likely take this issue up during their upcoming session and we want to ensure that Red Light Cameras continue to make our communities safe.  If the cameras are cut off, not only will more lives be lost but, this will eliminate a major funding source for our Miami Project research and clinical programs.

Red-light cameras make our Florida cities a safer place to live, work and play for all.  Please urge your family and friends to also take action now.  Red-light cameras in Florida have been an integral part of making our communities safer in the years since the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was enacted.  Traffic fatalities and accidents are down across the state.  If we can save one family from the heartache of having a loved one killed or seriously injured as the result of red-light running, we owe it to them.  Please share this information with your state representatives and senators.  Thank you so much for your support.

Email your legislators today! 


Please copy the following text and page link to your email and send this information to your state representatives and senators. 


Dear Legislator,



I wanted to write to you today to tell you that I am in support of Red-Light cameras in our communities.  You should know that Florida is the 3rd most deadly state in the United States for red-light running fatalities. More than one person a week is killed in Florida as the result of red light runners.


From 2011 to 2012 red light running fatalities have decreased 27% and Red-light runners caused 4803 traffic injuries in 2012 costing $646 million.


Red-light cameras are changing behavior.  From July 2010 to May 2013 the number of violations per camera per month is down 40%.  95% of drivers who paid a ticket in 2013 did not receive another one.


As important as saving lives and reducing unnecessary injuries, ten dollars of each ticket goes to the state’s trauma centers, which are charged with caring for many of the people injured by red-light runners.  To date $16 million in critical funding has been raised through the red-light camera program for the state’s trauma centers.


In addition, three dollars from every ticket goes to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis to fund breakthrough spinal cord and brain injury research.  Many people injured in these crashes suffer brain and spinal cord injuries and more than $5 million has been raised through the red light camera program since its inception.


When this issue comes up in the legislature I hope that you will be squarely on our side and vote for life and safety.  To allow others to willfully and maliciously break the law, while at the same time putting innocent lives in danger, is truly unconscionable.


Thank you


Download Florida Red-Light Safety Camera Facts PDF



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